Anti-Static / Conductive Mats

Mats can provide more than just additional support and traction. Businesses can help prevent shock or electrocution with anti-static, conductive, and non-conductive anti-fatigue mats. These mats utilize special materials and designs to keep people safe in areas where static build-up and electric shock can occur, which can damage sensitive electronic components or even start fires or spark explosions.

Anti-static mats are made with insulated materials that will inhibit static build-up and electric charges. These mats can then be used on floors, table tops, or any other surfaces that need insulation. Conductive mats prevent the accumulation of static through a special grounding cord that can divert harmful electricity away from workers and equipment. Anti-static and conductive mats are a great way to help protect businesses in many industries, such as electrical, oil, and several other fields.

Electrical Safety Matting Options

Durable manufactures several anti-static and conductive matting products designed to keep your business safe. Each option features different surface patterns and materials to provide extra traction, support, and insulation to match your needs. You can choose from one of our many available anti-static and conductive mats, including:

  • Conductive Diamond Dek Sponge with separate grounding cord
  • Diamond Switchboard
  • Military Switchboard
  • Static Eaze Floor Mat
  • Switchboard Runner Mat

Give Durable a call at 1.800.537.1603 or contact us online to order anti-static mats for your business. You can also find all of our anti-fatigue mats and other Durable products by using our online form to find a Durable dealer close to you.

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Conductive Diamond Dek Sponge

Prevents the accumulation of static and helps protect electronic equipment from sparks and surges.

Diamond Switchboard

The premier diamond surface insulated mat protects workers. ASTM D178 approved.

Military Switchboard

Non-conductive compound material helps prevent electric shock from instruments, machinery or control panels.


Corrugated mats help prevent electric shock from instruments, machinery, or control panels.