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Image of sensitive devices that can be protected by anti-static mats.

Static electricity can do more than just give you a little shock. It can end up causing damage to important electrical devices and financially hurting businesses across the country.

Electrostatic damage (ESD) has been a problem for businesses for hundreds of years. The EOS/ESD notes that issues can be traced back all the way to the 1400s, when military forts would have to try and control static so that it wouldn’t ignite stores of gunpowder. These days, ESD can cause havoc for sensitive electronic technology, forcing businesses to take measures to protect their investments.

How ESD Damage Works

The EOS/ESD Association defines ESD as “change to an item caused by an electrostatic discharge that makes it fail to meet one or more specified parameters.” In short, ESD can either completely break your devices or affect either their effectiveness or life span.

Catastrophic failure is a pretty easy to diagnose – the device no longer functions at all thanks to ESD. A latent defect caused by ESD is trickier to point out. ESD exposure can cause only partial damage that affects devices in multiple ways. Some devices could work perfectly fine, but break down earlier than expected. Other devices may not be quite as effective as they should.

Whether ESD causes catastrophic failures or latent defects, it can hurt your business’ overall efficiency and cost you a fair amount of money.

Image of sensitive devices that can be protected by anti-static mats.

The Costs of ESD

ESD can cost a business in many different ways. One of the most obvious is the total damages from ruined devices. An ESD Association article highlights that losses in the electronics industry have been estimated to range anywhere from half a billion dollars to $5 billion. However, the article also asserts that while the industry wide cost is an issue, the true costs of ESD can go much further.

The aforementioned latent defects are one example of the costly effects of ESD. These damages don’t cause a company to outright lose money on products, but can have lasting costs tied to efficiency. If a device is damaged and cannot complete tasks as quickly as it was supposed to, those delays can add up over time whereas a completely efficient device would have a greater return on investment.

Another hidden cost is how ESD can create crisis points. Damaged or ruined devices could end up causing your business to have to postpone product delivery for a customer. Not only will this delay affect the timeline of a project, it can also impact your relationship with the customer. Too many issues can even help sever a business relationship.

Prevention Tactics

In order to limit the impact of ESD on your business, it makes sense to take certain measures to protect your electrical devices. Basic steps include adjusting the humidity level and using items like anti-static bags for your devices.

Another way to limit the amount of static is to invest in anti-static mats. These mats are made with insulated materials to prevent static build-up while giving your employees more standing support. They can also come with grounding cords to divert electricity away from your electrical equipment.

The costs of ESD are real, and measure like anti-static mats can help protect your business from future problems. Log in or register on our site to order anti-static mats for your business.

Image of carpet mats and carpet matting.

A floor is more than just a place to stand. It’s the foundation of any home or business and plays a key part for the look and feel of a space. Of course, that can go both ways.

Attractive flooring can add to the appeal of a room or space. Dingy, dirty floors can make a place feel, well, dingy and dirty. Fortunately, Dura-Tile II Entrance Tile keeps your floors safe and clean while adding to the aesthetic appeal of your space.

Combine Look and Function with Dura Tile II Entrance Tile

You spend a lot on your flooring. Regular foot traffic will drag in dirt, moisture, and debris that will turn a beautiful floor into a mess in no time. Dura-Tile II Entrance Tile provides an aggressive barrier before a step is placed on your flooring removing all the dirt, moisture, and debris while remaining attractive and functional for years.

Dura Tile II is made from recycled bus and truck tires manufactured into rubberized fabric strips that looks like carpet with unmatched durability. Maintained is easy just vacuum or hose for years of dependability.

Carpet Mat Options

In addition to Dura-Tile II, you can also choose from Designer Dura-Tile II and Dura-Tile II Colors. Designer Dura-Tile II comes in triangles to form an attractive pattern and can be combined with other Dura-Tiles for custom layouts. Dura-Tile II Colors adds a blast of color to our standard earth tone color to match any décor.

If you want to pair appearance, durability and functionality Dura-Tile II is for you. Contact Durable today to learn more about our full line of Entrance and Carpet Matting. Approved dealers and buyers can even log in online to order matting products right on our site.

Image of anti-fatigue matting to help improve bad posture.

A little slouch can have a big impact over time. While people are often taught to stand up straight as they grew up, certain factors can lead to bad posture, such as fatigue and aging in general.

Bad posture can have serious consequences, especially for people who have to work on their feet all day. That’s a serious issue for businesses who need their employees to be healthy, happy, and productive to succeed. Here are some of the hazards of bad posture in the workplace and what you can do to provide your workers with the support they need.

How Bad Posture Can Affect Your Health

Dealing with bad posture can literally be a big pain. Slouching can lead to back, neck, and shoulder pain, with the effects ranging from mild discomfort and annoyance to severe aches. According to Posturebly, this is because poor posture can cause a misalignment of the spine, leading to extra stress on your upper body and joints.

In addition to pain, there are other negative effects that can be aggravated by bad posture, including:

  • Poor breathing
  • Digestive issues
  • Tension headaches
  • Impact on stress and mood

Anti-Fatigue Mats and Other Ways to Limit Bad Posture Problems

Sometime the best way to prevent health problems is a little support. Anti-fatigue mats are a great way to help you and your employees limit bad posture and make you feel better. They do this by providing a level of cushion between you and the floor, relieving some of the pressure created when your feet are in direct contact with the hard floor.

There are also a few exercises and stretches people can do to help. BuiltLean has a 10-minute workout session to help strengthen muscles associated with posture. If that’s too much, even something like doing regular stretches before, during, and after work can help loosen up your body and relieve stress.

Bad posture is a big problem, but small improvements can help keep your workplace stay healthy and happy. If you need quality anti-fatigue mats for your office, shop, or other business, Log in or register on our site to order anti-fatigue matting and other products directly from our site.

Image of winter entrance mats and carpet mats.

Winter weather can be pretty, but it can make for an ugly situation for your floors. Regular foot traffic can carry snow, ice, and any other debris through your doors, leaving a slippery situation for anyone else who follows. There’s also the chance that people can accidentally carry in rock salt, which can eat away at flooring and cost you a hefty sum to have to repair the damage when winter is over.

Fortunately, there’s a solution to help you keep the effects of winter from your floors. Entrance and carpet matting take the brunt of snow, salt, and other debris so that your floors don’t have to.

Snow Mats for the Winter

A little snow and ice isn’t going to keep people from coming into your building, so you need to plan for ways to stop them from bringing the elements indoors. There are a few ways that some strategic winter entrance and carpet mats can help. Since every entrance is different, there are different matting options to fit your spaces, including:

Outdoor entrance mats are designed to be left right outside your entrance. This can give people a material where they can wipe their feet off before coming inside, which is good if you don’t have a ton of space inside. Durable entrance mats are also designed for the outdoors, so you won’t have to worry about them cracking or breaking even when it gets particularly nasty outside.

Of course, you should probably have some backup inside as well. Even good outdoor mats can get covered in snow, so quality vestibule carpet or indoor floor mats can catch the melting snow and gritty salt before it can touch your floors, especially in high traffic areas where people may just walk inside without stopping to wipe their feet. Both winter entrance and carpet mats are designed to scrape debris off of footwear and absorb substances like melting ice and snow. That keeps winter where it belongs so your floors stay dry and accident free.

Protect Your Entrances this Winter

A bad slip or damaged flooring can really ruin a nice holiday season. Keep your floors dry and safe this winter with quality entrance mats from Durable. Contact Durable today and find the right winter mats for your business.

Image of Diamond Dek Sponge Mats.

Workers need quality matting options to provide comfort and safety in the workplace. The Diamond Dek Sponge Mat line is great for people who need a heavy-duty matting that provides sure footing, reduces fatigue, and resists common oils, alkalides, and acids.

Each Diamond Dek Sponge mat features a special diamond thread surface for traction. From there, the Diamond Dek product you choose can depend on what you need from your mat. Here are five different Diamond Dek Sponge Mat options and how they can help you.

Diamond Dek Sponge Mats

The Diamond Dek Sponge Mat is a tried and true flooring option. This bonded two-layer floor mat is made with industrial grade foam, beveled edges, and colored safety borders to help support workers.

Diamond Dek Sponge HD Mats

The Diamond Dek Sponge HD Mat is an even thicker version of our main product. This heavy duty option is great for spaces that need a heavier, thicker option for employees.

Diamond Dek Sponge HV Mats

If floor visibility is a must, Durable’s exclusive Diamond Dekker Sponge HV Mat is the way to go. The high visibility yellow color makes sure that workers can easily spot the mat in work spaces, helping them avoid dangerous slips and other accidents.

Diamond Dek Sponge Supreme Mats

The Diamond Dek Sponge Supreme Mat combines the diamond thread surface with a heavy grade PVC sponge base to provide extra cushion for workers that stand for long periods of time. Extra cushion means extra support for people worried about pressure on their feet or fatigue.

Conductive Diamond Dek Sponge Mats

The Conductive Diamond Dek Sponge Mat is great for workplaces with electronic equipment. This mat is made with an insert for grounding cords to help prevent static accumulation that can cause damaging sparks and surges.

Quality Sponge Mats for All Environments

Whether you need a sponge mat that can reduce static or keep your legs fresh, Durable has the products for you. Contact Durable online or log in to your customer account to order Diamond Dek Sponge mats for your business today.