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What Floor Mats Should I Buy: Marine
Image of a marine industry professional standing on marine safety mats.

When you work in the marine industry, you’re going to encounter water. Even the most seasoned marine professionals can be susceptible to slippery surfaces. Marine mats are designed to make highly-trafficked walk safe.

Why Marine Environments Need Floor Mats

There are three big reasons why marine facilities can use floor mats:

  • Workplace safety
  • Comfort
  • Cleanliness

Image of antislip tape for marine environments.

A survey of nearly 1,300 safety professionals found that a wet or slippery surfaces were one of three major causes of slip, trip, and fall injuries. It can be difficult to avoid the presence of water in the marine industry, so the presence of quality wet area drainage mats and antislip tapes can be of great benefit to your workers. These mats allow water and other fluids to drain through to the floor, leaving a dry surface that provides people with enough traction to safely walk to where they need to go.

In addition to making it easier to walk, marine mats can also create a more comfortable workspace. Anti-fatigue mats provide extra cushion that reduces the amount of pressure placed on the feet and back. This can reduce not only the fatigue caused by standing for long periods of time, but also any other potential injuries from ongoing wear and tear on the body. All it takes is a few strategically-placed anti-fatigue mats in spaces where people regularly stand.

The drainage capabilities of wet area floor mats have another benefit: cleanliness. Since water and other slippery substances drain through the mats, cleanup is easy. All you need to do is pick up the mats and mop up what’s underneath to leave a dry surface. Marine mats can also be chemically resistant, allowing you to use industrial cleaners to wash down engine rooms and other areas without fear that your mats will break down.

Mat Recommendations for Marine Facilities

Image of an easy-to-clean drainage mat.

In order to make your workspaces safer, more comfortable, and cleaner, you need the right marine mats. Here’s a list of six top matting products for marine environments:

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What Floor Mats Should I Buy: Safety
Image of employees using safety mats in a workspace.

Workplace injuries are a major threat to businesses across the country. When workplace safety is critical, floor mats and other matting products can provide the security necessary to prevent harmful accidents that can be costly for a business and its workers.

Why Work Spaces Need Safety Mats

Quality matting products provide three key benefits for work environments:

  • Workplace safety
  • Comfort
  • Anti-static protection

Image of a Workmaster HV mat for safer work environments.

Workplace injuries are a serious issue for any business, and slips and falls are some of the most common types of accidents. Not only do these accidents keep workers out of action, they’re also expensive. According to the National Safety Council, compensation and medical costs from employee slip and fall accidents totaled nearly $70 billion dollars. Whether these accidents are caused by poor traction or bad visibility, floor mats can help.

Using floor mats to make the workplace more comfortable can make a big difference in the health and well-being of workers. According to EHS Today, a study showed that “standing for 90-minute periods caused serious discomfort to the feet, legs, and back,” which can lead to chronic pain and other serious health issues. Placing anti-fatigue mats where people often stand and work for long periods of time can limit these issues so that they feel better and work effectively.

Electrostatic discharges are another threat to workplace safety, both for the workers and any sensitive equipment you may have. These discharges can lead to anything from a small, painful shock to catastrophic failure of technology and workplace fires. The total losses from electrostatic damages are estimated to cost up to $5 billion each year. However, anti-static floor mats are made to reduce the buildup of static and electric charges, limiting the chances that your workplace encounters electrostatic issues.

Image of an anti-fatigue safety mat for workspaces.

Mat Recommendations for Safety Environments

Knowing that matting products can help make your workspaces safer is great, but it doesn’t do much if you don’t know which types of products are best suited for your needs. Here are six top safety matting products for work spaces:

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