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What Floor Mats Should I Buy: Retail/Cashiers
Image of a cashier standing on a retail floor mat.

Regardless of workplace, the average cashier spends hours standing each day. A comfortable work environment can play a key role in maintaining productive, happy workers, and that starts with the floors on which they stand. That means a few strategically-placed floor mats can provide the support that a business needs.

Why Work Spaces Need Cashier Mats

There are three big reasons why cashiers can use floor mats:

  • Comfort
  • Workplace Safety
  • Cleanliness

Image of a floor mat designed for support.

Whether they’re in retail or banking, cashiers are on their feet. While they dutifully serve customers, the constant pressure on their feet can create serious health issues that can make them less productive. Severe cases can even cause cashiers to miss work from various ailments such as back pain and joint stiffness. Anti-fatigue mats provide ample support that relieves pressure on a person’s body, limiting the amount of wear and tear standing can cause to a body.

It doesn’t take much to make a floor slippery. An accidental spill or wet shoes can create serious issues for people who work on their feet all day. That’s part of the reason why slips and falls are the leading cause of workers’ compensation claims, according to the National Floor Safety Institute. Floor mats can be made with special tread to increase traction, protecting cashiers as they move back and forth at their workstations.

Another benefit of using floor mats is the ability to keep workstations clean. Floor mats can protect surfaces from unsightly scuffs, while some are designed to absorb water and other slippery substances so that it doesn’t pool on the ground. When it comes time to clean, all a cashier needs to do is pick up the mat and either mop or sweep up whatever debris is left. Quality cashier mats are also designed to withstand harsh cleaning chemicals so that they don’t break down after multiple cleanings.

Image of a bubble mat made for cashiers.

Mat Recommendations for Retail and Other Cashier Workspaces

There are plenty of floor mats out on the market, but it’s important to find ones that are right for cashiers. Here’s a list of six top matting products for retail environments:

If you’re in need a quality floor mats for your cashiers, we can help. Register for an official Durable account for 24/7 online access to our products and order the mats that can improve your workspaces.

What Floor Mats Should I Buy: Food Service Industry
Image of a food industry floor mat.

A food service space without a good floor mat can be a recipe for disaster. Kitchens, bars, and other food service environments are no strangers to slick floors, leading OSHA to name slips and falls as a major hazard in the workplace.

An investment into quality wet area matting can help food service workers move around without fear of slipping while providing other benefits. The trick is that you can’t just buy any old floor mat. Matting products come in a variety of styles, with some being better for the food service industry than others. Here’s a quick guide that will help you understand how floor mats can help the food service industry and choose the right ones for your business.

Why Food Services Spaces Need Floor Mats

A good floor mat can provide several important benefits in the food service industry. These include:
• Workplace safety
• Cleanliness
• Comfort

Due to the nature of the food service industry, there’s a good chance that your floors will get slippery at some point. Between spills, cleaning, and other watery occurrences, wet floors pose a serious threat for employees while they work. Wet area mats allow water and other slippery substances to drain through to the floor so that employees can walk on dry matting with plenty of traction.

Of course, all those slippery substances need to be cleaned up eventually. Food service floor mats are designed to make cleaning faster and easier. Food service floor mats are light enough to be picked up when it’s time to clean so that workers can mop and wash up underneath them. These mats are also made to hold up to substances that would weaken standard mats. This means that food substances like animal fat or harsh chemicals found in cleaning solutions won’t eat away at your mats, allowing them to provide the protection and support your workers need for years.

Another major benefit of food service mats is that they provide ample support for workers. It only takes 90 seconds of standing for employees to feel fatigue, while long periods of standing on hard surfaces can lead to serious health issues like back pain, joint stiffness, and more. Anti-fatigue mats give workers the cushion they need to feel great and stay effective throughout the day.

Image of a Workmaster floor mat for food industry spaces.

Mat Recommendations for Food Service Spaces

An understanding of how floor mats can help your spaces is great. Choosing the right matting products is even better.
Workstation Plus – A wet area, lightweight rubber mat with built-in beveled edges.
Kitchen Grid – A slip-resistant anti-fatigue with an open surface that allows for drainage of waste by-products in the food processing industry.
Workmaster – A general purpose rubber mat that provides excellent drainage in wet areas.
Workflow Plus – A lightweight anti-fatigue mat made from a 100% nitrile grease-proof compound.
Sof Spun 5/8” – A thick sponge mat that is ideal for use behind bars and check-out areas.
Workstation Light – An economical, lighter weight general purpose mat with beveled edges.

The right food service mats can provide your staff with ample support and traction to improve your work areas. Durable supplies businesses with a variety of quality food service matting that can protect your environments. Register for an official Durable account for 24/7 access to our company and to order food service floor mats online.

What Floor Mats Should I Buy: Manufacturing and Industrial Environments
Image of an industrial floor mat

A good manufacturing facility or any other industrial environment should protect their investments. Quality floor mats can help you protect some of your most valuable assets: your employees, your equipment, and the very floors that support your business.

Not just any floor mat will work, though. Industrial environments require a tougher protection, something durable enough to hold up over time and provide the layer of support between a cold, hard floor and your workers. These facilities can also vary in what types of mats they need depending on their floor layout, types of equipment, and other factors.

Each of these details can change exactly which style of mat you should buy, so here’s a quick good to help you choose the right floor mats for your industrial spaces.

Why Industrial Spaces Need Floor Mats

There are four major ways that floor mats can improve an industrial facility.
• Comfort
• Workplace safety
• Anti-static
• Floor protection

Employees in manufacturing and industrial environments generally work on their feet for long periods at a time. These prolonged periods of standing can lead to fatigue, bad posture, and even serious health issues over time. Durable anti-fatigue mats designed for industrial spaces provide workers with enough cushion to reduce the amount of stress put on their body over time.

In addition to making industrial spaces more comfortable for employees, there are matting products that can improve workplace safety. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, “85 percent of worker’s compensation claims are attributed to employees slipping on slick floors.” The use of high-visibility floor mats can help employees identify areas where extra caution is needed, while anti-slip surfaces and tape provide an extra level of traction to keep workers on their feet. Wet area mats can also be designed to allow slippery substances to drain through the mat, making it easy for employees to walk around the work area.

Industrial floor mats can protect more than just people. The presence of electrical equipment and products is common in many industrial facilities. Electrostatic discharge can cause billions of dollars in losses each year, so anti-static mats are used to reduce the risk of any electrical surges that could damage any sensitive equipment or manufactured materials.

Of course, the floor itself needs some protection as well. Nobody wins when heavy equipment hits the floor. The impact can damage both the equipment and the floor itself. A heavy-duty floor mat can serve as a protective layer between the floor and everything else, shielding it from problematic cracks and scuffs that can lead to bigger issues over time.

Image of a diamond dek sponge floor mat for industrial spaces.

Mat Recommendations for Industrial Spaces

Now that you know exactly how mats can protect your industrial spaces, it’s time to choose the perfect floor protection products for your business. Of course, that can be tricky without a little guidance. Here are six top floor mat products for industrial spaces:
Diamond Dek Sponge – A versatile heavy-duty mat featuring Diamond tread for sure footing.
Sof Spun 3/8” – A sponge vinyl corrugated surface that is ideal for use at workstations and assembly lines in factories and warehouses.
Workstation – An interlocking wet area mat with a non-skid surface that is ideal for large areas.
RxMat – The toughest, most durable rubber mat made today. Features an interlocking design that’s perfect for large areas.
Corrugated Rubber 1/8” – A fine-rib corrugated surface that adds traction and captures moisture and dirt.
Conductive Diamond Dek Sponge – A Diamond-pattern mat that prevents the accumulation of static to protect electronic equipment form sparks and surges.

Some well-placed mats can make a big difference for industrial facilities. Durable can supply your business with quality matting products designed to improve the comfort and safety of industrial spaces. Register for an official Durable account for 24/7 access to our company and to order industrial floor mats online.

Entrance Mats and Anti-Fatigue Mats on Display at the National Hardware Show

Durable Corporation’s next stop on the 2014 trade show circuit is the National Hardware Show, held in Las Vegas, May 6-8. The National Hardware Show is an outstanding opportunity to explore an exciting market sector responsible for $343 billion in annual sales.

During the show, we will feature our residential entrance mats and commercial and industrial grade anti-fatigue mats. Dealers, retailers, and companies looking for OEM parts will have a prime opportunity to see and feel the quality built into Durable’s Durite 108, Dura-Rug 400, Stop-N-Dry, DuraLoop Metallic Diamond Dek Runner, Metallic Diamond Dek Sponge, Diamond Dek Sponge HV, and Color Cushion Tile.

Be sure to stop by Booth 4606 to see what’s new!

National Hardware Show May 6-8, 2014
Las Vegas Convention Center
3150 Paradise Road
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Booth 4606