The Importance of Loading Dock Bumpers
Custom loading dock bumpers for businesses.

All it takes is one mistake to make a person realize that they should have had loading dock bumpers installed. Problems can happen during loading and unloading, especially when you aren’t the person behind the wheel of the semi-trailer backing up to your building.

Proper loading dock bumpers help you protect yourself from these incidents, keeping your dock safe and the loading and unloading process nice and easy.

The Benefits of Loading Dock Bumpers

Mistakes happen. However, there are ways to turn what could be a big on-site accident into nothing more than a little bump in the road.

Durable dock bumpers have been shown to absorb more than 80 percent of impact, which can save both your dock and the offending vehicle a lot of damage. Not only will this make you happy that you won’t have to worry about structural damage, but the driver can’t also come away knowing that his or her vehicle won’t need time in the shop. Plus, our loading duck bumpers last for years, providing dock defense for any future incidents.

Where Loading Dock Bumpers Can Be Used

Every dock is a little different, so Durable offers custom bumpers to fit the product to your needs, including:

  • Gussets for low docks
  • Extended plates where bolting won’t work
  • Rub rails for narrow truck wells
  • Wall bumpers for fork lifts

Regardless of how your dock may differ from the norm, we can work toward a solution.

Providing Protection with Durable Loading Dock Bumpers

When it comes to defending you facilities, you can trust a company with over 90 years of experience. We’ve been manufacturing safety products for companies since 1923 and our bumpers will provide you years of reassurance that your docks are safe. Contact us today about protecting your business with Durable loading dock bumpers today.

Durable Corporation’s Salon Mats on Display: Cosmoprof North America

Durable Corporation is exhibiting July 13-15th at Cosmoprof North America. Held in Las Vegas, Nevada, Cosmoprof is the largest beauty industry trade show in North America. During the show, we’ll visit with dealers and distributors interested in learning more about Durable’s Grand-Stand Deluxe Beauty and Barber Mat and our new, Grand-Stand Vinyl Salon Mat. Grand-Stand Vinyl is available in four attractive colors and features a thick sponge base for all day comfort.

In addition to these portable salon mat offerings, we’ll also showcase our patented Easy Stand Anti-Fatigue Flooring System. Easy Stand is a permanently installed anti-fatigue mat that seamlessly blends with adjacent flooring. Whether your application requires individual chair mats, or an anti-fatigue flooring system designed for a larger, continuous work area, Durable Corporation offers long-lasting salon mat solutions in a wide range of colors and sizes to meet your specific needs.

If you are planning to attend Cosmoprof North America, please stop by and visit with us in Booth D3121. See you in Vegas!

Mat Seaming For Custom Widths and Sizes

Because we manufacture mats in a wide variety of lengths and widths, we usually have a stock product to suit just about any need. Although the vast majority of our customers order standard sizes, on occasion we receive a request for a mat with width measurements exceeding stock dimensions. In these cases, we seam or join two sections of mat together to achieve a desired custom width. The picture to the left shows the most popular mat we seam—our Diamond-Dek Sponge Mat.

Custom Seamed Diamond Dek Sponge Mat

Custom Seamed Diamond Dek Sponge Mat

Seaming is a process used to glue two mats together. For this project, we started by cutting 4” to 6” from the roll to remove the bevels and square the edges to be joined. With these cuts made, the two sections of Diamond-Dek were butted together, and glue was applied to create a seam. Once the adhesive dries, we can then perform any special cut outs, bevels, or rounded corners requested by the customer. The finished product shown here is seamed from 4’ wide Diamond-Dek material to make a 7’ wide mat.

If your employees move from one work station to the next rather than remaining stationary in one spot, or your manufacturing cells require mats with custom configurations (e.g., L or T shapes), the mats created by seaming can provide continuous comfort over larger portions of the production floor. To learn more about our custom seaming capabilities used to achieve special widths, or to request a quote, contact the mat experts at Durable Corporation for more assistance.

Hi Viz Mats – New Products At Durable Corp

The Hi Viz (bright, almost neon yellow) coloring phenomenon in industrial design has given old products new visibility – quite literally! Durable Corp. mats are no exception. In 2013 we introduced three new matting products that set the standard in our industry for high visibility safety marked floor mats.

Our three Safe Zone High Visibility Mats:

  • Workmaster-HV
  • Diamond-Dek-HV
  • Sof-Spun HV

These mats promote both safety awareness and comfort by combining a High Visibility yellow mat surface with beveled edging. Sof-Spun-HV and Diamond-Dek-HV are 100% Hi Viz yellow color throughout the entire mat substrate. They are available in rolls, standard sizes, and custom cuts. Workmaster II- HV black industrial mats with drainage holes features a highly visible yellow beveled edge border.

Diamond-Dek sponge high visibility anti-fatigue matting features a diamond tread pattern for sure footing . High visibility yellow color clearly identifies a work area where safety is a must! Sof Spun high visibility matting is a sponge vinyl cushioned mat that helps to ease foot, leg and back fatigue at standing workstations. Workmaster II high visibility matting is a tough industrial mat with Hi-Viz yellow beveled edges. This mat can help create an ultra safe work environment at all types of workstations.The High Visibility Yellow beveled edges clearly identifies work areas

High visibility yellow is in all our futures. Make it part of your company’s safety plan to provide comfort while indicating the appropriate safe-work zones.

Why Spring Is the Right Time to Replace Your Loading Dock Wheel Chocks

OSHA requirement 1910.178(k)(1) requires the brakes of all highway trucks shall be set and wheel chocks be placed under the rear wheels to prevent trucks from rolling while they are boarded with powered industrial trucks. This is a relatively straight forward requirement when you think about it: if a fork lift is loading or unloading a trailer, the rear wheels must be chocked. Even in the absence of an OSHA requirement and subsequent fines for non-compliance, chocking trailer wheels during loading and unloading makes sense from a safety standpoint. The procedure is fast, easy, and simple.

With spring just around the corner in many parts of the country, now is the time to replace wheel chocks that may have been lost or damaged over the long winter months. Durable’s 88-8 Heavy Duty Laminated Wheel Chock which is made from recycled bus and truck tires and our 68-9 Molded Fiber Reinforced Molded Rubber Wheel Chock represent two of our most popular styles. We also carry several other wheel chock styles, including the 68-9-OR, 811-7, SC-8, WC5810 and new styles 89-7 and 87-10.

If you are waiting for lost wheel chocks to reappear in the melting snow drifts outside the loading dock, you are jeopardizing the safety of your employees and running the risk of an OSHA citation, so don’t delay. Replace your missing wheel chocks before you have a surprise visit from an OSHA inspector, or worse yet, a loading dock accident. To learn more about our complete line of loading dock wheel chocks, visit us online at or contact one of product specialists for additional information.