Dry Area Floor Mats

A good dry area floor mat can be the difference between a tired worker and a healthy, productive one. Durable manufactures a wide variety of anti-fatigue matting for any application. Workers in industrial, retail, and any other work environments can benefit from Durable floor matting for dry areas. These rubber anti-fatigue mats provide the support necessary to keep workers supported at work so that they don’t tire out before the end of the day.

Professionals who stay on their feet all day can quickly become tired from standing on regular flooring and even develop health problems over time. It can take only 90 minutes for fatigue to set in for standing workers. Rubber anti-fatigue mats offer relief from hard floors, improving productivity and limiting potential health issues.

In addition to offering comfortable cushioning, dry floor mats can improve workplace safety. Rubber floor mats improve traction to provide sure footing for any dry workspace. Floor mats can also be ordered in bright colors, allowing for easy identification of safety areas.

Customizable Floor Mat Options

Different work environments call for specific dry floor matting. Durable offer several lines of single-layer sponge mats and bonded two-layer mats to fit all environments. This variety allows you to select dry floor mats that work best for your workspaces and preferences. Customizable features for dry floor mats include:

  • Lengths and widths
  • Thicknesses
  • Creative colors
  • Surface styles

Durable dry floor mats can offer the support workers need to succeed. Give Durable a call at 1.800.537.1603 or contact us online today to order dry area floor mats for your facility. You can also use our Durable dealer locater to find quality Durable dry floor mats near you.