Dura-Speck Rubber Sports Floor

This multi-functional floor covering is great for weight rooms or fitness areas. The recycled rubber with color chips adds extra appeal and comfort.

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The Dura-Speck Rubber Sports Floor is a multi-functional floor covering that is great for weight rooms or fitness areas. Durable manufactures Dura-Speck with recycled rubber to create a strong sports flooring option that offers superior walking comfort and slip resistance. Color chips are also added in for extra aesthetic appeal and comfort, keeping your floor stylish while providing plenty of protection.

Like many of Durable’s rubber mats and flooring options, Dura-Speck Sports Floor can be used in a variety of locations due to its multi-functional capabilities. Different applications for rubber sports flooring include exercise rooms, fitness centers, golf shops, home gyms, day cares, locker rooms, cardio areas, ice arenas, and retail flooring.

Due to its rubber composition, Dura-Speck Sports Floor also provides sound and shock absorption, making it a great choice for exercise rooms in corporate settings and other areas that may require noise dampening and shock absorption capabilities. Thanks to these benefits, people can work out or perform other activities in rooms with Dura-Speck without disturbing the people around you or in a room beneath you.

Rubber Sports Flooring Options from Durable

Sports flooring needs to be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear. Dura-Speck offers you a durable, attractive option that provides comfort for your customers while protecting the natural flooring of every environment. Dura-Speck Sports Flooring also comes in different dimensions, colors, and styles, allowing you to pick an option that best fits your environment.

Dura-Speck provides businesses, homeowners, and organizations with durable flooring for plenty of applications. If you need help ordering Dura-Speck Rubber Flooring, experts at Durable can help. Give us a call at 1.800.537.1603 or contact us online to order Dura-Speck Rubber Sports Floor for your weight rooms, fitness areas, or any other commercial, residential, or industrial locations. You can also use our online form to locate a Durable dealer near you.

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