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Dura-Tile II

Attractive carpet-like surface provides a touch of luxury in areas of frequent foot traffic. 

  • Traps dirt, absorbs moisture, and protects floors
  • Suitable for any entrance
  • Provides wall to wall floor covering
  • Great indoor or outdoor 
  • 12" x 12" tiles
  • Combine with standard Dura-Tile, Rolls or Colored Dura-Tile to create custom designs and layouts
  • Meets Federal flammability regulations DOC FF 1-70
  • According to AMCIC Test, Dura-Tile exceeds the minimum char radius of 3” Average car, per 8 strips tested, .75” radius
  • Maintained with vacuum cleaner or hose

Material: Rubberized fabric strips with carpet like surface cut from recycled tires bonded to a non flammable base
Thickness: 3/8" 
Recycled Content: >95%
Packaging: 25 tiles per case
Color: Earthtone only
Minimum Order: 1 case of 25 tiles. $3.00 broken carton fee if increments of less than 25 are purchased

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Item Description Width Thickness Length Weight Price How to Order
Picture of DURA TILE 12" X 12"
DURA TILE 12" X 12"
12.0000 0.3750 12.0000 2.3000
Picture of DURA TILE VULCANIZED 12" X 12"
12.0000 0.3750 12.0000 2.3000