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Social Distancing & High Visibility Matting

Workplace injuries are costly to both businesses and their workers. Durable’s EXCLUSIVE line of high visibility matting promote safety awareness and comfort in the workplace to keep employees protected and productive.

Thanks to slippery fluids and other substances, work spaces can feature many hazards for regular foot traffic. High visibility safety matting offers allows workers to easily identify work areas where traction and care is necessary. These mats are available in three styles to meet your application needs in a 100% high visibility surface or just with a high visibility border. Safety Message Mats and High Visibility Antislip tape are also available.

Extra Support from High Visibility Safety Mats

In addition to providing the traction and visibility necessary for work spaces, high visibility safety mats also offer extra support for people who work on their feet all day. Prolonged standing can lead to foot, leg, and back fatigue, which can cause everything from discomfort to notable injuries. Adding cushioned safety mats can protect employees from the long-term effects and allow them to stay healthy and more productive.

Protect your business from dangerous slips and long-term health issues with high visibility safety matting. Give us a call at 1.800.537.1603 or contact us online to order safe zone high visibility yellow mats and nonslip tape today. Registered Durable users can login to order yellow matting directly on our site. You can also use our Durable dealer locater to find our products near you.

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Antislip Tape

Provides excellent non-skid footing in areas where grease, water and liquids accumulate on floors.


Flexipath is incredibly easy to install, and the open-grid construction means cleaning and maintenance are simple


Make it easy for your customers, visitors and employees to observe social distance measures with Crossline Covid-19, a two-layer, slip-resistant walkway mat with color delineated stand zones.

Kitchen Grid SD

The ideal slip resistant and anti-fatigue matting for Social Distancing in the food processing industry.

Diamond Dek Sponge High Visibility

The High Visibility Yellow color identifies work areas where safety is a must!

Anti-Slip Tape HV

Hi-Visibility Yellow anti-slip tape provides excellent non-skid footing in areas where grease, water and liquids accumulate on floors.