Industrial & Material Handling Mats and Safety Products

Ease worker fatigue and improve productivity by providing employees comfort and safety through products designed for industrial and material handling environments. Durable manufactures a variety of matting products to benefit your facilities, including:

  • Anti-fatigue mats
  • Anti-slip tapes
  • Interlocking tiles
  • Non-skid paints

Hours of standing can take a toll on employee productivity. Anti-fatigue matting products provide workers with the support necessary to keep them feeling fresh and lessen the amount of stress on their body. Our rubber matting options come in a variety of styles that can be used in all of the areas that your employees need protection.

Industrial and material handling environments can also be hazardous to employees. Areas where water, grease, and other liquids can be found on the floor can cause accidents. This can lead to injuries that keep employees out of action and other costly problems. Safety products from Durable can provide sure footing in slippery conditions and can be designed for high visibility to promote safety measures.

Helping Employees With Durable Industrial & Material Handling Products

Whether you need products for individual workspaces or for large areas, Durable can provide you with the industrial rubber mats [link to] and other items necessary to keep your employees safe. Browse through our selection of products to see what options work best for your business.

Give us a call at 1.800.537.1603 or contact us online to order slip-protection, anti-fatigue matting, and other products to help protect and preserve your employees. You can also send us an email to locate a Durable dealer near you.

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Grand Stand Vinyl

Use at workstations in offices, labs, and retail check-outs. This dry area mat is affordable and long-lasting.

Grand Stand Vinyl HD

An extra-thick sponge base decreases worker fatigue by reducing foot, leg, and back discomfort.

Grit Cushion Tile

Aggressive grit surface prevents slips and falls in wet applications.


Two-layer lightweight drainage matting. Ideal in light anti-fatigue applications and as liners to protect tools and compartments from damage in fire trucks.


The highest quality rubber mat made today for only the toughest applications.

Safety Spun

Anti-fatigue mat with beveled edges and OSHA yellow borders makes any area a safer place to work.

Sof Spun

The sponge vinyl corrugated surface reduces fatigue and is perfect for dry areas.

Sof Spun 5/8"

This 5/8” thick sponge mat provides extra added comfort.

Sof Stand Supreme

Excellent in areas where people stand for long periods of time. The super soft sponge base provides superior comfort.

Ultra Safe

The urethane coating and pebble surface provide added safety, easier maintenance, and extra durability.

Urethane HD

The softest anti-fatigue mat available.


The ultimate non-skid drainage mat.


This interlocking dry area mat provides a non-skid surface and is ideal for large areas.

Workstation Edge

Lightweight Kitchen & industrial mat with 1.5" ramped bevel edge!

Workstation Light

Lightweight general-purpose mat with built-in bevel edges.