Laminated Dock Bumpers

When you need to protect your docks, dock bumpers from Durable can help. Dock bumpers are great for facilities with heavy dock traffic, offering extra protection to defend against accidents and normal wear and tear. As a premier rubber dock bumper manufacturer, Durable offers several styles of dock bumpers, including:

  • Standard dock bumpers
  • Extra-length loading dock bumpers
  • Extra-thick loading dock bumpers
  • Steel-face dock bumpers
  • Dura-soft dock bumpers
  • Molded loading dock bumpers

Durable’s dock bumpers are made with heavy-duty rubber pads made from recycled bias-ply bus and truck tires and manufactured under pressure exceeding 1,500 pounds. These fabric-reinforced pads are then woven on steel rods for extra strength.

This process creates dock bumpers that can withstand years of punishment and provides the greatest amount of protection even with consistent pounding and abuse. Our dock bumpers withstand more than just punishment from trucks, forklifts, and other loading devices. Durable rubber dock bumpers also perform through any weather conditions and can endure years of environmental elements.

Protect Your Loading Areas with Durable Laminated Dock Bumpers

Durable manufactures a variety of premium loading dock bumpers that help protect your business. Our dock bumpers are shown to absorb over 80% of the impact, providing plenty of cushion for your property.

Since every dock is different, Durable provides many different types of rubber dock bumpers in varying thicknesses. Each are designed with different benefits, from styles designed for heavy traffic to one-piece units for lighter conditions, allowing you to choose which option is best for your facilities. If you need help deciding which Durable dock bumpers would be best, our experts can help you order the right options for your business.

Give us a call at 1.800.537.1603 or contact us online to order rubber dock bumpers to shield your loading areas from unnecessary damage. You can also use our online form to locate a Durable dealer near you.

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Standard Dock Bumpers

Most standard size laminated bumpers are in stock and ready to ship today!

Extra-Length Loading Dock Bumpers

Used on loading docks with dock seals, or where refrigeration or warmth is needed. Loading dock bumper and the dock-seal interact to completely seal the truck to the dock.

Extra-Thick Loading Dock Bumpers

Ideal for declined approaches where more “stand-out” distance from the loading dock is needed.

Steel-Face Dock Bumpers

Protect your building and loading docks from heavy traffic!

Dura-Soft Dock Bumper

Specially designed "loop" pads provide the best impact absorption available.