Light Duty Applications

Even a small amount of fluid can cause an accident. Durable manufactures wet area floor mats that help people freely walk in wet areas and keep foot traffic areas safe in a variety of light duty applications.

Light duty non-slip matting helps to limit to chance of potential injuries by providing the traction necessary to walk without fear of slipping. Many environments, including industrial facilities, maintenance areas, and sports and leisure applications, have the potential for various spills and slick flooring which can cause harmful accidents. Non-slip mats incorporate drainage holes or specially-designed grids to allow liquids to drain through the mat. This keeps the walking surface dry and reduces the risk of accidents such as slips and falls in light duty areas.

Non-Slip Mats Designed for Your Work Spaces

Our light duty wet area floor mats are available in a variety of styles to fit your environment. Durable manufactures lightweight rubber mats, interlocking floor tiles, and other safety matting solutions to protect people in areas where spills may be a regular occurrence. These options allow you to choose an option that fits the needs and space requirements of your environments and light duty applications.

Non-slip mats are a great way to help keep customers, employees, and anyone else safe and supported while they walk through your spaces. Give us a call at 1.800.537.1603 or contact us online today to order non-slip mats for your light duty areas. You can also use our Durable dealer locater to find our safety mats near you.

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Cushion Grid

The raised surface and PVC construction with an open tube design make this mat ideal for wet areas.

Cushion Tile

Recycled interlocking 12” x 12” tile is an excellent floor-covering product and is ideal for compartment matting to protect drawers, trucks, and tools.

Cushion Tile Color

Recycled interlocking 12” x 12” Colore tile is an excellent floor-covering product and is ideal for compartment matting to protect drawers, trucks, and tools.

Cushion Tile Eyewash Mat

The beveled ramp edge and bright color provides safety and awareness where needed most.


This heavy-duty, recycled tire link mat is excellent for high-traffic and wet areas.

Grit Cushion Tile

Aggressive grit surface prevents slips and falls in wet applications.


Heavy-duty two-layer drainage matting protects tools and compartments from damage. The solid non-skid top surface and solid tube underside keep tools elevated to prevent damage from excessive moisture.


Two-layer lightweight drainage matting. Ideal in light anti-fatigue applications and as liners to protect tools and compartments from damage in fire trucks.


Ideal self-draining safety matting for sports and leisure applications, indoors or out


A general-purpose rubber mat that provides excellent drainage for any wet area.


This interlocking dry area mat provides a non-skid surface and is ideal for large areas.

Workstation Edge

Lightweight Kitchen & industrial mat with 1.5" ramped bevel edge!

Workstation Light

Lightweight general-purpose mat with built-in bevel edges.

Workstation Plus

A wet area, lightweight rubber mat that features built-in beveled edges.