Recycled Mats

Durable products can benefit more than just your workers and your business. Our recycled manufactured products also help the environment as well. Durable provides customers with high-quality products made from recycled content that can keep tires out of landfills and deliver the protection you need.

Recycled Mats and Dock Bumpers from Durable

Tires are a big problem for landfill operators since they can’t be efficiently compacted, but they contribute to Durable’s mats and bumpers. We carry several products that feature recycled material.

Durable mats manufactured with recycled products:

  • Durite 108
  • Dura-Rug 400
  • Dura-Tile II, all styles
  • Designer Dura-Tile

Durable loading bumpers manufactured with recycled products:

  • Standard Laminated
  • Extra Length
  • Extra Thick
  • Steel Faced
  • Dura-Soft

We make use of the entire tire, utilizing wheel treads for dock bumpers and sidewalls for our mats. It goes to great effect as well, with some products containing upwards of 90 percent recycled material.

Premium Durable Products Made from Recycled Material

As an innovative manufacturer of dock bumpers, safety mats, and flooring. Our mats keep your workers rested while working on their feet all day and our dock bumpers protect against damages to your building, and the recycled materials go a long way toward benefitting your business.

Contact us today to order your own safety mats and dock bumpers manufactured with recyclable materials.