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Durable: A History of Recycled Dock Bumpers, Mats, and More

Recycling has been a part of human history for centuries, even dating back to the days of Plato in 400 BC. Since Durable Corporation was founded in 1923, our company has embraced a culture of recycling in our production process. Durable contributes to a legacy of recycling by preventing waste and protecting the environment through the use of recycled material in our products.

Recycled dock bumpers, recycled anti-fatigue mats, and other prodcuts from Durable.

Recycled Products from Durable

Durable has produced quality products of recycled materials for over 90 years. We help keep old tires out of landfills by utilizing as much of the tire as possible, with uses including:

After decades of growth and innovation, Durable has become a recognized leader in the industry. Our commitment to producing high-quality protection products with recycled products is a big part of our ongoing research and development, helping you protect your docks, buildings, and cargo areas while benefitting the environment.

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