Retail / Cashier

Provide long lasting comfort for employees standing for long hours in a retail setting. 

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Bubble Mat

Raised bubble surface designed with anti-fatigue in mind while combining safety and comfort.

Comfort Stand

Ideal in industrial, commercial, and retail applications to ease fatigue from standing.

Comfort Stand HD

The ultimate comfort from a single-layer sponge.

Diamond Dek Sponge

Heavy-duty matting with a Diamond tread pattern provides sure footing in a variety of applications.

Diamond Dek Sponge HD

Our thickest Diamond-Dek Sponge mat provides the ultimate comfort and promotes safety.

Grand Stand Vinyl

Use at workstations in offices, labs, and retail check-outs. This dry area mat is affordable and long-lasting.

Grand Stand Vinyl HD

An extra-thick sponge base decreases worker fatigue by reducing foot, leg, and back discomfort.

Sof Spun

The sponge vinyl corrugated surface reduces fatigue and is perfect for dry areas.