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Safety and comfort are provide by our full line of anti-fatigue mats. High visibility colors, beveled edges, and open surface mats add an extra measure of safety at every step.

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Anti-Slip Tape HV

Hi-Visibility Yellow anti-slip tape provides excellent non-skid footing in areas where grease, water and liquids accumulate on floors.

Cushion Tile Eyewash Mat

The beveled ramp edge and bright color provides safety and awareness where needed most.

Diamond Dek Sponge

Heavy-duty matting with Diamond tread pattern provides sure footing in a variety of applications.

Diamond Dek Sponge HD

Our thickest Diamond-Dek Sponge mat provides the ultimate comfort and promotes safety.

Diamond Dek Sponge High Visibility

The High Visibility Yellow color identifies work areas where safety is a must!

Diamond Dek Sponge Supreme

The ultimate in durability and comfort.

Diamond Dek Ultra Safe

Same outstanding resistance to abrasion and chemicals as the standard Ultra Safe

Safety Spun

Anti-fatigue mat with beveled edges and OSHA yellow borders makes any area a safer place to work.

Ultra Safe

The urethane coating and pebble surface provide added safety, easier maintenance, and extra durability.