Shipping Policy

Durable Shipping Policy

Please choose from any of the carriers below: PREFERRED:  LTL Carriers (shipped within Continental US): 

• R&L Carriers •FedEx Freight  

  • All LTL shipments will be prepaid/add unless otherwise specified. 
  • Other Carriers: Please specify the desired carrier if not on the above list or if you wish to use them but ship collect or third party. These shipments will ship COLLECT or THIRD PARTY only. Please provide us with a 3rd Party address if needed. If using a logistics company please provide company name, phone number, and contact.

NOTE: Shipping delays may occur when using a non-preferred carrier or logistics company.

For orders over 10,000 pounds, we will find you the best-negotiated rate possible. If you have specific instructions for orders of 10,000 poundsā€Full Truckloads please provide us with that information. Durable Corporation cannot guarantee on-time shipping when using this method. Any additional charges billed to Durable Corporation by other carriers will be billed to the invoiced company.

Overseas, Canada, and Mexico Shipments  

Please provide us with shipping information, carrier, and customs clearance information when the order is placed. If you do not have that information we can help arrange that for you. You must provide us with an invoice to ship the product across the border. Please note this should be identical to what you are charging your customer if we are shipping directly to them for you. Otherwise, if we are shipping to you directly, we will provide our invoice. Note: All orders shipping overseas, Canada, or Mexico via LTL must be shipped on HEAT-TREATED PALLETS. You will be advised of the charge prior to shipping. The charge is based on the going rate of HEAT-TREATED pallets.

Small Packages

  • FedEx is our preferred carrier of shipment for small packages. UPS and Parcel Post are also available.
  • FedEx shipments will be prepaid/add, unless specified. Collect and 3rd Party are available. Handling charges per package will apply in the amount of $3.50 per package.
  • We will make every attempt to ship in the most affordable way between LTL and FedEx.

For FedEx shipments going overseas, Canada, or Mexico please provide us with an invoice if shipping to your customer directly. Otherwise, we will provide one for you.

Special Packaging and Labeling

We make every attempt to follow special packaging and labeling requests, most times with no additional cost. However, we have begun to analyze each request based on the time, expense, and frequency to determine if an additional charge may need to be added. If an additional charge is required you will be advised accordingly prior to preparation of the shipment.

When a shipment leaves our warehouse it has the following:

  • Small packages: A shipping address label is applied to each package. Each shipment will have a packing slip applied to one of the boxes.
  • LTL Shipments:  Pallet Shipments will have at least one label on each pallet; one packing slip is supplied per shipment and attached to one of the pallets. Each skid will be securely packaged to ensure the product arrives safely.
  • LTL Shipments: Loose Shipments are sometimes not packaged on pallets. Each piece in these shipments will be labeled and one of the pieces will have a packing slip applied.

It is the receiver’s responsibility to inspect and make sure the order is correct compared to the delivery receipt and the packing slip at the time the order is received. All claims must be filed by the receiving party. Durable Corporation takes no responsibility for lost or damaged shipments that are not inspected properly and noted at the time of receipt. If you need assistance please contact us immediately upon receipt of the order for assistance.

Returned Goods Policy

Every effort will be made to accommodate requests for returned merchandise. Please contact our Customer Service Department for assistance in making arrangements for returns. When return authorization is granted, merchandise must be returned to us freight Prepaid and side marked with the assigned return authorization number. Merchandise must be packaged properly. A restocking charge of up to 30% will be enforced on ALL standard stock items returned. 

Special sizes, special runs, special colors, or custom-made materials are NOT returnable.

Authorizations to return merchandise are valid for sixty (60) days.