The standard options aren’t always the best ones. There are several ways to protect your floors from dirt and damage and provide sure footing when regular choices just won’t work. Durable has a variety of specialty flooring solutions available for unique designs, applications and environments to help keep your floors covered.

Specialty Floor Mat Options

Specialty mats cover a wide range of applications, from those that need more rigid materials to interlocking options. Durable’s specialty flooring solutions can help you find a matting option that suits your needs when regular anti-fatigue mats or safety flooring won’t work. These options include:

  • Steel mats
  • Step and clean mats
  • Cushion tiles
  • Anti-Slip Tape

Non-skid Tapes and Paints

Mats aren’t the only flooring options available that can help lower the risk of slips and other accidents. Anti-slip tapes easily adhere to floors and provide extra traction in areas where, water, grease or other slippery substances may accumulate. These tapes are also available in hi-visibility yellow to provide visual assistance in addition to a non-skid surface.

Non-skid paints are another solution for increased safety. Dura Kote paint allows you to completely cover large indoor and outdoor areas with a heavy-bodied paint that provides a tough, work-safe surface in areas that require sure footing.

If you have any questions about which flooring option best suits your space, give us a call at 1.800.537.1603 or contact us online today to order specialty flooring solutions. You can also use our Durable dealer locater to find our products near you.

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Steel Mat

Heavy-duty shoe scraper stops dirt at entranceways.

Antislip Tape

Provides excellent non-skid footing in areas where grease, water, and liquids accumulate on floors.

Anti-Slip Tape HV

Hi-Visibility Yellow anti-slip tape provides excellent non-skid footing in areas where grease, water, and liquids accumulate on floors.

Cushion Tile Color

Recycled interlocking 12” x 12” Colore tile is an excellent floor-covering product and is ideal for compartment matting to protect drawers, trucks, and tools.

Dura Kote

This nonskid paint is ideal for wood, metal, or concrete surfaces.