The Unique Applications and Benefits of Logo Mats for Your Business

When deciding on the right matting solution for your business, you might be surprised at the wide range of options you have access to. From runner and entrance mats to anti-fatigue and logo mats, there are matting options for every application. So, it can be difficult to determine how you should approach matting in your facility. 

Logo mats, in particular, stand out as having benefits that extend far beyond your entryway. From trade show booths to the checkout counter, logo mats have the unique ability to promote your message throughout your entire operation. To help you get a better understanding of potential matting solutions for your facility, let's take a closer look at the benefits and unique applications that logo mats can provide your business. 


The Benefits of Logo Mats 

Logo mats offer all the same critical protections that most standard entryway mats do – reducing the risk of falls, protecting your floors, and trapping dirt and moisture to keep your business clean. Logo mats have additional benefits, like the unique opportunity to spread messages and brand awareness wherever they’re placed, that make them a great matting solution. 

They Look Great 

Logo mats can be incorporated into your organization’s existing aesthetic, creating a streamlined, appealing look for your business space. While there are many other options to pull the look of a room together, the right logo mat can blend seamlessly into your space. No matter what style you’re going for, you can get a custom logo mat that will fit right in.  

They Increase Foot Traffic 

Placing a custom logo mat outside your business in a high-visibility area is an excellent way to catch the attention of those passing by. Putting your company name and logo out there gives you a chance to advertise at no extra cost and gives potential visitors a great reason to stop by and explore what your business has to offer. 

They Create a Great First Impression 

You only have one shot to make a first impression, so you have to make it count. Your entryway is the first area that customers and visitors will see, and it can create a great first impression if it looks professional and clean. A logo mat gives you the chance to reinforce your brand and promote a welcoming message to entice potential customers.  


5 Unique Logo Mat Applications 

With several key benefits, logo mats make an ideal matting solution for just about any business. However, you may be curious about where to place a logo mat to best utilize its ability to spread your brand’s messaging. Let’s take a look at five unique logo mat applications for your business. 

Attract Attention with an Outdoor Logo Mat 

One of the most widely used applications of logo mats is to garner attention from passersby with an outdoor logo mat. Whether you are a retail shop, grocery store, athletic facility, or restaurant – you can make the most of your outdoor matting by turning it into a billboard for your services. 

Logo mats give you the best of both worlds – allowing you to spread your message, protect your guests from slips and falls, and keep your business clean of debris and moisture.  

Present Key Messages Inside Doorways 

Welcome your guests in style by placing a logo mat inside your primary entrances and doorways. Whether you want to put a key message or brand, a logo mat placed within your major entryways gives you the general benefits of an entrance mat with the opportunity to make a powerful first impression. 

Not sure what message you could use for this space? Consider using a logo, tagline, company motto, or eye-catching design that represents your services.  

Highlight Features and Benefits in Front of a Product Display 

Do you have a featured product that you want to promote to your customers? Maybe you have a service offering that you want to feature for the upcoming quarter? Consider promoting your key messages in a unique way by placing a logo mat in front of a product display. A logo mat placed in front of a product display can: 

  • Highlight useful information. 
  • Share important features and benefits. 
  • Provide sizing or comparison information. 
  • Inspire additional purchases. 
  • Provide details on a related product or service.

Provide Comfort and Promote Your Brand at Checkout 

While a logo mat does not replicate the same comforts and benefits of an anti-fatigue mat, it can help provide relief in a pinch. Retail stores should consider implementing a logo mat near checkout to reinforce your brand’s key messages while providing some light relief to your team members working the register. Don’t know what type of messaging you would want to use? Consider using a logo mat at checkout to inspire last-minute purchases.  

Improve Brand Recognition at a Trade Show or Exhibition 

You may be surprised to find out that you can use logo mats anywhere you need to create brand awareness and recall. Whether that’s at your business or at trade shows and exhibitions. They are easy to carry and last long enough to be used for years – saving you money and promoting your brand and business. 


Promote Your Message with a Durable Logo Mat 

A custom logo mat is a great way to market your business using something you likely already have a need for throughout your operation. Whether you’re trying to entice new customers into your building or need something to promote specials within, a well-designed logo mat makes a great addition to your business.

That’s why you need a trusted matting partner like Durable to provide high-quality logo mats that promote your message and ensure the safety and accessibility of your building. As established industry experts, we produce quality floor and matting solutions that not only promote your brand – but look great too.

If you’re looking for a trusted matting partner who prioritizes quality and service, give us a call at 1(800) 274 6287 or contact us online to find the right logo matting solution for your home or business.