Vinyl Runner Mats

Durable vinyl runner mats provide extra traction and support for workers and guests while limiting the risk of harmful slips and falls.

Vinyl runner mats provide extra protection for both employees and businesses. Durable makes quality runner mats out of high grade vinyl to provide extra traction and support for workers and other foot traffic, limiting the risk of harmful slips and falls. Vinyl mats also shield your floors from damaging dirt and debris, which can extend the look of your spaces and save you from having to replace dingy carpeting or scratched flooring.

Vinyl Matting Options

The vinyl mats you choose depends on your needs and location. Durable’s line of vinyl runner mats come in a variety of styles, allowing you to choose your mats based on aesthetics or on specific functions.

Heavy duty vinyl runner mats are great for protecting long sections of flooring, such as hallways and other traffic areas. Certain mats even come with pointed grippers to prevent them from shifting on carpeted areas.

Vinyl mats are also available in several different colors and looks, from bold, metallic colors that shine to clear vinyl mats that allow your floor or carpet to show through. Vinyl mats can also come in high visibility colors to help promote workplace safety and reduce the chance of injuries.

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Clear Vinyl

Heavy gauge clear vinyl mat protects the carpet from wear and soil.

Clear Vinyl Diamond Surface

Protect your floor from dirt and debris with Clear Vinyl Diamond Surface mats.

Diamond Switchboard

The premier diamond surface insulated mat protects workers. ASTM D178 approved.

Diamond-Dek Runner

The diamond tread surfaces provide slip resistance and a high-tech appearance.

EZ Kleen Vinyl

All purpose round rib corrugated matting prevents dirt and debris from clogging the surface. Resistant to oil.

Military Switchboard

Non-conductive compound material helps prevent electric shock from instruments, machinery or control panels.


Corrugated mats help prevent electric shock from instruments, machinery, or control panels.