Wall Protection: Wall and Corner Guards

Walls and corners can take a lot of abuse in work areas. Durable manufactures premium wall protection for your corners and walls to keep them safe from potential mishaps and work accidents.

Extruded wall guards and corner guards are ideal wall protection solutions in commercial and industrial settings such as loading docks, parking garages, marinas, and other high traffic areas. Both products are made with durable rubber to withstand jolts and abrasions from material handling vehicles and other sources, keeping your property safe and sound.

Wall protection doesn’t necessarily need to be installed on walls and corners to protect your facility. Extruded wall guards can also be used on heavy equipment such as tow trucks and trailers to act as a buffer while moving around.

Quality Wall Protection Options

Durable wall protection products come in a variety of sizes and styles for great flexibility. Durable’s wall protection can provide up to 10 feet of continuous protection per piece. Corner guards and extruded wall guards are both easy to install, providing you plenty of protection without any hassle. We can also work with you for custom sizing options to fit your facility’s needs. Wall protection can also be pre-drilled to make the installation process even easier.

Give us a call at 1.888.967.7628 or contact us online to order rubber corner guards and extruded wall guards for your facility. You can also use our online form to locate premium wall protection at a Durable dealer near you.

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Corner Guards

Corner Guards provides maximum protection in storage spaces, parking garages and loading docks.

Extruded Wall Guards

Extruded wall guards are great for outdoor or indoor use.