Wet Area Floor Mats

Durable manufactures special matting for slippery areas to keep your workstation safe and productive. Wet area floor mats make workplaces safer by limiting the number of slips and falls while providing the same support as a regular anti-fatigue mat.

Not all workspaces can stay dry throughout the day. Rubber anti-fatigue floor mats provide support for workers in kitchen, industrial, and any other settings where spills or existing fluids can create a hazardous work environment. Durable provides workers with a wide variety of anti-fatigue mats, including everything from light duty support mats to heavy duty non-skid drainage surfaces.

Sure Footing and Support in Wet Areas

Neither industrial and retail workers should be afraid of slipping on the job. Individual mats are a great option for workers who stand in the same area. Interlocking rubber mats allow workers to walk along slip-resistant paths while liquids drain through to the ground. Either wet area matting option provides the support necessary to keep workers from getting tired after hours on their feet.

Water isn’t the only fluid that can turn work environments into dangerous locations. Various chemicals and greases can add a slick sheen to a floor and eat away at your flooring. Durable wet floor matting is resistant to both harmful chemicals and greases, making it last longer in wet workspaces.

Wet area matting offers both support and safety in slippery environments. Give us a call at 1.888.967.7628 or contact us online to order chemical-resistant wet area floor mats for your facility. You can also use our online form to locate premium floor mats at a Durable dealer near you.