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Wet Weather Mats

Durable Corporation offers a full line of Entrance Mats specifically to keep dirt and debris at the door instead of being tracked onto your floors potentially causing slips and falls. We offer a full line of Outdoor, Vestibule, and Indoor Mats with varying sizes, colors, and designs to match any decor while providing superior quality.

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This heavy-duty, recycled tire link mat is excellent for high traffic and wet areas.


A heavy-duty, recycled rubber tire link mat with an open surface to absorb moisture and trap dirt.


Outdoor entry mat removes dirt and moisture with resilient rubber fingertips.

Scraper Mat

Outdoor economical, commercial rubber mat that provides enhanced traction and scrapes dirt & debris from shoes.

Duraloop Standard Duty

DuraLoop Standard Dutyprovide excellent scraping action indoors, outdoors and in vestibule entrances.

Duraloop Dual Color

Duraloop Dual Color Entrance Mat is perfect for outdoor or vestibules with medium to high traffic.


Perfect for indoor or vestibule entrances in residential or commercial settings.


An attractive entrance mat that is strong, durable and excellent for harsh climates.

Spectra Rib

This light traffic mat is perfect in vestibules or indoor entrances.

Spectra Olefin

Great for indoor residential or commercial entrances.