Anti-Fatigue Mats: What are They and How Can They Benefit Your Business?

Whether you or your employees are working at a standing desk in an office or on the factory floor of a manufacturing plant, you may have noticed the adverse effects of being on your feet for extended periods of time. Standing still for long periods on a hard surface can cause discomfort, exhaustion, and health conditions such as flat feet and varicose veins. 

To keep their employees healthy and comfortable, many employers have implemented anti-fatigue mats in their facilities to reduce the risk of workplace accidents and improve morale and productivity. Read on to gain a better understanding of how anti-fatigue mats work and what benefits they can bring to your business. 


What Are Anti-Fatigue Mats and How Do They Work?

Anti-fatigue mats are specialized floor mats designed to alleviate the physical stress and fatigue caused by standing on hard surfaces for an extended period. Most commonly used in an industrial setting, anti-fatigue mats provide a significant benefit to employees who spend most of their workday on their feet.

When standing in the same spot over the course of a workday, your muscles continuously work against gravity to maintain an upright posture. This prolonged standing can lead to muscle constriction and reduced blood flow, causing discomfort and aches in muscles and joints as well as chronic fatigue. This bodily stress can increase the chance of workplace injury and reduce your employee’s productivity.

Anti-fatigue mats combat this through their unique design which encourages subtle movements of the leg and calf muscles to promote better blood flow. The right anti-fatigue mat will cushion your employees and support them throughout the entire workday.


Who Can Benefit from Anti-Fatigue Mats?

Standing on the job can’t always be avoided. Anti-fatigue mats are ideal for any line of work where your employees are likely to be on their feet all day, including:

  • Manufacturing workshops
  • Production lines
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Retail stores
  • Hair salons and barbershops
  • Standing desks in office spaces
  • Distribution and fulfillment centers


What are the Benefits of Anti-Fatigue Mats?

Reduces Fall Risk & Incidents

Keeping your employees safe at work means reducing the risk of slips and falls – one of the most common causes of injury within the workplace. While not all incidents are preventable, there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of slips and falls in order to protect your employees and avoid the cost that comes with replacing your skilled worker. 

One of the many benefits of anti-fatigue mats is that they feature a ribbed surface and are made from non-slip materials. Standing on an anti-fatigue mat while working reduces the likelihood of slipping while on the job – keeping your staff safe and your operation running smoothly. 


Improves Attendance

Keeping your employees comfortable is critical to their health and your workplace attendance. The health risks associated with working on your feet all day can cause worker discomfort and pain. When in pain, your staff is far more likely to call in sick to take care of themselves.

Your goal as an employer is to send your workers home every day in as good a shape as when they first entered the building for their shift. Without the proper matting system in place, that goal becomes nearly unachievable. Anti-fatigue mats provide your employees relief, keeping them comfortable and reducing the costs associated with absenteeism.


Improves Employee Productivity & Morale

A comfortable employee is a productive employee. No worker will perform their best while battling various aches and pains all day. You need the right matting solution in place to make sure your employees are able to do their best and avoid the distractions that come with achy joints and muscles.

An Anti-fatigue mat can combat these issues, improve employee retention, and increase productivity in the workplace – making them an investment in both your employee and company’s well-being. 


Improves Posture

Just like sitting posture, your standing posture is directly related to back pain. Standing on your feet all day can cause slouching, discomfort, and poor posture. An anti-fatigue mat can reduce this stress by ensuring that you make natural, frequent changes to your standing position, which means that your weight can be spread evenly between both feet. 


Reduces Stress on Joints & Muscles

When standing on a hard floor for hours, your joints often become stiff, leading to shoulder and neck pain. Anti-fatigue mats can help to relieve joint pain, as well as stop the development of varicose veins. When you use an Anti-Fatigue Mat, the cushioning beneath your feet will mean less pressure on the body so that these headaches can be a thing of the past and overall joint pain will be reduced. 


Keep Your Employees Safe and Comfortable with Durable Anti-Fatigue Mats

The right anti-fatigue mat not only keeps your workers safe, comfortable, and healthy – it also provides several cost-saving and productivity-boosting benefits to your business.  

That’s why you need a trusted matting partner like Durable to provide high-quality anti-fatigue mats that ensure the safety and accessibility of your building. As established industry experts, we have the capability to meet your unique flooring and matting application that not only keeps your staff safe– but looks great too.

If you’re looking for a trusted matting partner that prioritizes quality and service, give us a call at 1(800) 537-1603 or contact us online to find the right anti-fatigue matting solution for your home or business.