Metal Wheel Chocks, Rubber Wheel Chocks, and Other Accessories

Wheel chocks help prevent vehicles and equipment from accidentally moving during loading and unloading of cargo. Wheel chocks are contoured to fit vehicle tires and prevent any possible slippage. Durable offers a variety of wheel chocks and accessories for vehicles of all sizes, including loading trucks, trailers, and other heavy equipment. Durable wheel chocks and wheel chock accessories include:

  • Heavy-duty recycled rubber wheel chocks
  • Standard rubber wheel chocks
  • Metal wheel chocks (aluminum)
  • Urethane wheels chocks
  • Wheel chock accessories

Our rubber wheel chocks are also available in heavy duty, recycled 88-8 to our light to medium duty 68-9 in black and orange. All Durable wheel chocks meet regulations for OSHA specification 1910.178 (k), which requires trucking industry wheel chocks to be placed under rear wheels. Wheel chock chains, parking signs, and wheel chock hangers are also available as another method to increase the safety of loading docks and other applicable areas.

Preventing Accidents With Durable Metal and Rubber Wheel Chocks

Just one mistake from a driver or an instance of vehicle failure can end up causing a catastrophic accident causing property damage or worse, personal injury. Wheel chocks provide an extra level of security to help prevent costly accidents and loading dock downtime.

Durable wheel chocks are designed to prevent these accidents from happening. Browse through our selection of wheel chocks to find a solution that fits your business’ needs and contact us today to get metal and rubber wheel chocks and wheel chock accessories that will keep your facilities safe from harm.

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Heavy-Duty Recycled Rubber Wheel Chocks

Premium, extra heavy duty wheel chock made from recycled laminated rubber pads.

Metal (Aluminum) Wheel Chocks

All-aluminum, non-sparking safety wheel chocks.

Rubber Wheel Chocks

A variety of rubber wheel chocks ranging from heavy to medium duty. Chocks help prevent vehicles and equipment from moving during loading and unloading of cargo.

Urethane Wheel Chocks

Urethane molded wheel chock is light weight yet heavy duty.

Wheel Chock Accessories

Wheel chock signs, chains and hangers promote safety and ease of use in loading dock areas.