Durable Corporation Celebrating 100 Years

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On January 25, 1923, the State of Washington acknowledged the receipt of the Articles of Incorporation and granted authorization to commence business of the Tire Mat and Bi-Products Company Incorporated which would operate in Seattle, Washington.

The company was started by P.J. Swanson and Chas T. Lyons. Mr. Swanson had the first patent for a tire link mat and subsequent patents for product and machinery, which were assigned to the company in full consideration of all stock subscribed to him. He would be the first President of the company. Mr. Lyons would be the Secretary/Treasurer and the Plant Manager.

By June of 1923, the company was not doing well and found itself in receivership. In July, Chas T. Lyons purchased the company and all its assets out of receivership for $650.00. He then began a relationship with Howard Lyons and H.W. Bell to continue the tire processing and mat production and sales.

On July 25, 1924, a new company was formed – the Durable Mat Company Incorporated. Ownership was between Chas T. Lyons, Howard Lyons, and H.W. Bell initially and then Clyde Morris and Falcon Joslin purchased additional shares, providing the needed capital to continue the production and sales expansion of tire link mats. The company had established a base and was beginning to see a future.

Some significant milestones over the years:

  • 1925: Howard Lyons traveled to New York City to establish an east coast office
  • 1927: Licensed a Canadian company to produce tire link mats in Canada
  • 1929: Established an Akron, Ohio manufacturing facility
  • 1931: Began manufacturing Bow & Stern Fenders
  • 1934: Acquired Pacific Patch & Accessory Company (Tire boots, patches, & reliners)
  • 1935: Began manufacturing Placer Gold Riffles (used in the mining industry)
  • 1941: Relocated the Akron, Ohio factory to Norwalk, Ohio (present day location)
  • 1951: Began manufacturing laminated Loading Dock Bumpers
  • 1955: Relocated the Seattle, WA plant to Santa Clara, CA
  • 1968: Began manufacturing Wheel Chocks and Street Pads.
  • 1973: Sold the Santa Clara, CA plant to Pawling Rubber Co.
  • 1975: Began manufacturing Dura-Tile Flooring
  • 1986: Developed Steel-Faced Loading Dock Bumpers
  • 1987: Introduced Spectra-Shield Molded Loading Dock Bumpers
  • 1998: Invented Dura-Soft Loading Dock Bumpers
  • 2001: Acquired Columbus Foam Mat Division
  • 2005: Acquired Quality Dock Bumper

The one common theme of our manufactured products throughout the years is the use of used bias-ply tires as our primary raw material. The original Tire-Link Mat, Fenders, Riffles, Laminated Loading Dock Bumpers, Wheel Chocks, Street Pads, and Dura-Tile flooring all are created from a used bias-ply tire.

Along the way we also became a master distributor of complementary items. Molded loading dock bumpers, molded wheel chocks, molded and extruded wall and corner guards, and a variety of matting products – entrance, carpet, runner, salon, industrial, anti-fatigue, safety, sports/fitness, and specialty.

Today we operate out of a single 98,000 sq. ft. facility on 11 acres in Norwalk, Ohio. We still manufacture 100% of our laminated loading dock bumpers here, which makes us the largest laminated loading dock bumper manufacturer in the United States.

To survive 100 years most definitely requires a group of dedicated individuals – our employees. And most importantly the right individuals at the right times of our journey. Our focus still remains to produce premium quality products with exceptional customer service.

Thank you to all of our customers, without you we wouldn’t be here.

And thank you to all our suppliers, without you we couldn’t consistently provide product quality and service.

To the next 100 years,

Tom Secor - President

Southern Living Names Durite Mat Most Durable Doormat!

Southern Living Magazine Names Durite Mat Most Durable Doormat!

Southern Living - The Best Doormats to Keep the Grime Out and Nail That First Impression

Durite Door Mat

What Southern Living has to say:

"It probably doesn't get sturdier than a tire-link doormat. This mat is Amazon's choice for heavy-duty outdoor mats and doubles as an anti-fatigue mat. Reviews hailed it as the "best doormat ever" and able to withstand snow, salt, mud, and torrential rain. The mat also drains well thanks to its herringbone design, so no washing is required. Pick it up, sweep away the debris, and replace. It will hold up to everything from your most enthusiastic pup to the withering heat of the direct sun. Reviewers didn't call it "practically indestructible" for nothing!

What We Like:

  • Made with recycled materials
  • Virtually indestructible"

The Durite mat can be found on our site here: Durite

Thank you to Southern Living Magazine for featuring the Durite mat.

Proud to be made in Ohio

Durable Corporation has been hand weaving Tire Link Mats made from recycled bus and truck tires in Ohio for over 100 years. Our dedicated workforce, averaging over 20 years of service, has always listened to our customers and has worked diligently to provide quality products with exceptional customer service to meet their needs.

The DuraRug mat has been found at back doors since 1923. The chenille surface of the tire-links looks attractive, wipe feet, and absorb moisture, protecting your floor before you even step inside. 

Dura-Rug Entrance Mat

The Durite mat is excellent in multiple locations around your house. Use it at your garage workbench, your backdoor where dirty kids and animals might be going in and out frequently, or at a gardening spot with water to help prevent slips. The heavy-duty tire block and wires will stand up to heavy-duty, dirty, and wet usage.

Durite Tire-Link Mat

What began with a single product a century ago, expanded initially to include additional products utilizing scrap bias ply tires as a raw material. From tug boat bumpers, marine dock and pier bumpers, loading dock bumpers, wheel chocks, backhoe pads, stabilization pads, floor tile, and a number of other specialty items, Durable established itself as an innovative manufacturer of quality products capable of meeting the specific needs of a diverse customer base.

88-8 Heavy Duty Wheel Chocks
Dura-Tile Rolls
Laminated Loading Dock Bumpers
Standard 12" x 12" Dura-Tile

Further product expansion along product category lines included a wide array of matting products offered to complement our initial tire link mat. The expansion included anti-fatigue, entrance, and specialty mat products all with the focus on quality and the ability to provide customization to fulfill the requirements of any installation.

Diamond Dek Sponge Anti-Fatigue Mats

Duraloop Entrance Mats

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Entrance Mats

All Mats

All Loading Dock Bumpers

You can find more great products made in Ohio here:

Made In Ohio

What Floor Mats Should I Buy: Retail/Cashiers
Image of a cashier standing on a retail floor mat.

Regardless of workplace, the average cashier spends hours standing each day. A comfortable work environment can play a key role in maintaining productive, happy workers, and that starts with the floors on which they stand. That means a few strategically-placed floor mats can provide the support that a business needs.

Why Work Spaces Need Cashier Mats

There are three big reasons why cashiers can use floor mats:

  • Comfort
  • Workplace Safety
  • Cleanliness

Image of a floor mat designed for support.

Whether they’re in retail or banking, cashiers are on their feet. While they dutifully serve customers, the constant pressure on their feet can create serious health issues that can make them less productive. Severe cases can even cause cashiers to miss work from various ailments such as back pain and joint stiffness. Anti-fatigue mats provide ample support that relieves pressure on a person’s body, limiting the amount of wear and tear standing can cause to a body.

It doesn’t take much to make a floor slippery. An accidental spill or wet shoes can create serious issues for people who work on their feet all day. That’s part of the reason why slips and falls are the leading cause of workers’ compensation claims, according to the National Floor Safety Institute. Floor mats can be made with special tread to increase traction, protecting cashiers as they move back and forth at their workstations.

Another benefit of using floor mats is the ability to keep workstations clean. Floor mats can protect surfaces from unsightly scuffs, while some are designed to absorb water and other slippery substances so that it doesn’t pool on the ground. When it comes time to clean, all a cashier needs to do is pick up the mat and either mop or sweep up whatever debris is left. Quality cashier mats are also designed to withstand harsh cleaning chemicals so that they don’t break down after multiple cleanings.

Image of a bubble mat made for cashiers.

Mat Recommendations for Retail and Other Cashier Workspaces

There are plenty of floor mats out on the market, but it’s important to find ones that are right for cashiers. Here’s a list of six top matting products for retail environments:

If you’re in need a quality floor mats for your cashiers, we can help. Register for an official Durable account for 24/7 online access to our products and order the mats that can improve your workspaces.

What Floor Mats Should I Buy: Marine
Image of a marine industry professional standing on marine safety mats.

When you work in the marine industry, you’re going to encounter water. Even the most seasoned marine professionals can be susceptible to slippery surfaces. Marine mats are designed to make highly-trafficked walk safe.

Why Marine Environments Need Floor Mats

There are three big reasons why marine facilities can use floor mats:

  • Workplace safety
  • Comfort
  • Cleanliness

Image of antislip tape for marine environments.

A survey of nearly 1,300 safety professionals found that a wet or slippery surfaces were one of three major causes of slip, trip, and fall injuries. It can be difficult to avoid the presence of water in the marine industry, so the presence of quality wet area drainage mats and antislip tapes can be of great benefit to your workers. These mats allow water and other fluids to drain through to the floor, leaving a dry surface that provides people with enough traction to safely walk to where they need to go.

In addition to making it easier to walk, marine mats can also create a more comfortable workspace. Anti-fatigue mats provide extra cushion that reduces the amount of pressure placed on the feet and back. This can reduce not only the fatigue caused by standing for long periods of time, but also any other potential injuries from ongoing wear and tear on the body. All it takes is a few strategically-placed anti-fatigue mats in spaces where people regularly stand.

The drainage capabilities of wet area floor mats have another benefit: cleanliness. Since water and other slippery substances drain through the mats, cleanup is easy. All you need to do is pick up the mats and mop up what’s underneath to leave a dry surface. Marine mats can also be chemically resistant, allowing you to use industrial cleaners to wash down engine rooms and other areas without fear that your mats will break down.

Mat Recommendations for Marine Facilities

Image of an easy-to-clean drainage mat.

In order to make your workspaces safer, more comfortable, and cleaner, you need the right marine mats. Here’s a list of six top matting products for marine environments:

Once you know which matting products you need for your business, we can help you get what you need. Register for an official Durable account for 24/7 online access to our company and order marine mats and other products today.